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I'm not sure yet, but I think I have an art materials-hoarding problem.

(Lol who am I kidding; I know it to be true--)


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My one-book-a-month reading thing is going well so far. Currently halfway through book 5 for the year.
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I remember that a few years ago, I'd aim to finish at least one book as month. even had a monitoring file for it and everything.

Wonder if I should try that again.

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Drawing while riding the bus--

- con: Feeling self-conscious, sneaking glances at the passenger/s riding beside you. Like, can they see what I'm doing. Do they think my drawing sucks?

- pro: Being Able to do something instead of feeling like my commute time is wasted time. Also, actually enjoying traffic jams because that's the time to make detailed strokes

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Finally managed to upgrade my windows 8 tablet to windows 10. Sketchable works better (it has a ruler tool! I didn't realize sketchable has a ruler tool.)

Sai also works better, although there seems to be a tendency for splotches to appear when I'm not careful at the end of a brush stroke.

The only drawback is the size of the installation-- my 32gb tablet doesn't have a lot of space left over post-upgrade compared to when it was running windows 8. But considering the benefits, I'll take it.

I like this.


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I actually do enjoy the interface that sketchable went with (the whole 'all drawings in sketchbooks' thing) and I wish other drawing applications offered the same. It makes it easier to sort through drawings/sketches.


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Still a little bitter that sketchable development stopped for windows 8.1


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Apparently, the #1 way to not hate yourself (and the world, and everything) while using sketchable for windows 8 is to use gloves while drawing.


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So a few days ago I started hunting down every single piece of drawing I've posted over the years that I could still find in preparation for making my drawing blog, and I couldn't find anything dated 2013?

Like, not a single scribbling piece stamped with "2013"?

Did I seriously not draw anything for an entire year??

What happened to me?

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